About Rajdhani Ice Cream & Coold Drink House Islampur

The best ice cream also needs the best ice cream makers – and that is where we come in because we love to make ice cream! That is what Rajdhani Ice Cream is all about! From embracing molecular gastronomy to simply caring about creating the best flaours – that is what Rajdhani Ice Cream is all about. We ar the ice cream makers!!! Our ice cream is just a part of all of the delicious and wonderful things on our menu. In addition to Chaat and ice cream, we have delicious deserts called “Rajdhani Specials”. Two of our best specials include Falooda and Kulfi. Falooda is basically and Indian ice cream float, made with ice cream (any flavor you choose), milk, rose syrup, vermacelli, and tukhmalanga (flavored seeds). Kulfi is an Indian sundae, made with more richer, creamier ice cream, rose syrup, vermacelli, and rabri (Indian pudding). Here are some of the items on our menu: