About SAIKRUPA Hotels Islampur, Veg & Non Veg

Established by Mr. Jaid Mujawar & Mr.K.G.Mujawar (Retired Forest Officer), in 6 July 2015; SaiKrupa Hotels has spearheaded Veg & Non Veg food to newer heights. Saikrupa Hotels has now become one of the most desired hotel for satiating Sea food hunger, for families alike.
Being the first hotels in Islampur to serve Home Delivery & Rumali Roti, authentic Veg & Non Veg Special food, we occupy a special place for ourselves and our cuisine in the hearts of our customers.
Whence serving only a few dishes, one of the most important being Veg & Non Veg Special food, Veg Dish, Baigan Masala Dish, Mutton Dish, Chicken Dish, Sea Food Special Dishesh – Bnagda Fish Dish, Surmai Curry & Fry Dish and Pomfret Fish which many of our guests still remember devouring in our prime restaurant at Islampur City.

 SaiKrupa Hotels First Time in Islampur City, Home Delivery & Rumali Roti